ISRO Scientist or Engineer Civil 2018


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

Tension failure occurs in a singly reinforced beam in

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Question 62

Net sectional area of a tension member is equal to its gross sectional area

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Question 63

A cantilever beam ‘A’ with rectangular cross section is subjected to a concentrated load at its free end. If the width and depth of another cantilever beam ‘B’ are twice those of beam ‘A’ and subjected to the same load, then the deflection at the free end of beam ‘B’ as compared to that of ‘A’ will be

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Question 64

The difference in level between the top of a bank and supply level in a canal, is called

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Question 65

The river training work is generally required when the river is

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Question 66

In water bound macadam roads, the binding material is

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Question 67

A gradient along which the vehicle does not require any tractive effort to maintain a specified speed is known as

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Question 68

To prevent creep in rails, the steel sleepers are fixed with rails by

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Question 69

What is the volume of a 6m deep tank having rectangular shaped top $$6 m \times 4 m$$ and bottom $$4 m \times 2 m$$ computed through the use of Prismoidal formula?

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Question 70

The area to be measured for painting distemper for an internal surface of a plastered 230 mm thick brick wall having dimension of 3000 mm length and 3200 mm height and having a glazed louvered ventilator of size 600 mm $$\times$$ 400 mm in the wall is

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