ISRO Scientist or Engineer Civil 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

The vertical distance between two consecutive contoursis called

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Question 52

A benchmark has been established at the soffit of an ornamental arch at known elevation of 100.0 m above mean sea level. The back sight used to establish height of instrument is an inverted staff reading 2.105m. A forward sight-reading with normally held staff of 1.105m is taken on recently constructed plinth. The elevation of plinth is

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Question 53

The method of leveling in which heights of mountain are found by observing the temperature at which the water boils is known as

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Question 54

According to the Fuller’s formula, the flood discharge (Q) in cumsecis given by

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Question 55

A deflecting ‘Groyove’ in a river is

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Question 56

A hydraulic jump is formed when

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Question 57

A convective precipitation is

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Question 58

A river meanderingthrough an alluvial plain flows in a series of consecutive curves of reverse order (sinous Curve), the transverse distance between the apex point of one curve and apex point on the reverse curve is called

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Question 59

The maximum acidity in water will occur at a pH value of

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Question 60

In the process of screening, the screen are inclined at $$45^\circ$$,the area of openings in screen should be suchthatthe velocity of flow through them doesnot exceed,

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