ISRO Scientist or Engineer Civil 2013


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A cohesive soil yields a maximum dry density of $$18kN/m^3$$ during a standard proctor compaction test. If the specific gravity is 2.65, what would be its void ratio? (Adopt unit of water as $$10kKN/m^3$$)

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Question 2

A footing $$2m \times 1m$$ exerts a uniform pressure of $$150kN/m^2$$ on the soil. Assuming a load dispersion of 2 vertical to 1 horizontal, the average vertical stress in $$(kN/m^2)$$ at 1.0m below the footing is

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Question 3

Match List-I with List-ll and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists :

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Question 4

The standard size of brick is

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Question 5

The velocity of flow of water in a pipe of 150 mm dia is 0.3m/sec, a diaphragm with a central hole 80mm in diameter is placed in the pipe obstructing the flow. With coefficient of contraction $$C_c = 0.60, the loss of head from Vena Contracta to a point downstream will be

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Question 6

If the depletion of oxygen is found to be 5 ppm after incubating a 2.5% solution of sewage sample for 5 days at $$20^\circ C$$, B.O.D of the sewage is

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Question 7

A trapezoidal section of an open channel has side slope 2H:1V. If bottom width is 'b’ and depth ‘d’, the relation between b & d for most economical trapezoidal section of the channel is:

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Question 8

If the difference in elevation of an edge of the pavement 9m wide and its crown is 15 cm, the camber of the pavement is

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Question 9

The scour depth D of a river during flood, may be calculated from the Lacey’s equation

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Question 10

The Glycerine is flowing at $$25^\circ C$$ in a pipe of diameter 150mm with a velocity of 3.6m/s. The flow is

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