ISRO Scientist or Engineer Architecture 2017


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

As per NBC 2005, under requirements of parts of buildings, what is the minimum area and width of a habitable room, when there is only one room?

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Question 2

As per NBC 2005, what is the minimum and maximum height of the ceiling of any basement above the average surrounding ground level?

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Question 3

What is the minimum width and height of the passage way required as per NBC 2005 for the fire fighting vehicles to enter the premises at the main entrance?

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Question 4

As per NBC 2005, what is the minimum fire resistance rating for glass façade in high rise buildings?

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Question 5

As per NBC 2005, automatic sprinklers shall be installed in basements used as car parks or storage occupancy, if the area exceeds

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Question 6

Based on guide lines and space standards for barrier free built environment for disabled and elderly persons, match the statements in Group I with true or false in Group II.

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Question 7

The climatic factors that influence the optimum orientation of the building from the point of view of lighting and ventilation are

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Question 8

Match the statements in Group I with corresponding statements in Group II.

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Question 9

The number of standard size I class bricks per CUM of brick work in CM is about

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Question 10

Laterite is chemically classified as

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