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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which country is called ‘The Playground of Europe’?

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Question 2

lf the distance betweentwo electrical charges is halved, then the force between them becomes

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Question 3

The origin of earth dates back to approximately

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Question 4

Who amongst the following was awarded Noble Prize for path breaking contributions-te--develop-treatmentfor Parkinson'sdisease?-

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Question 5

“The Fifth Column”is generally referred to as

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Question 6

Insert the missing number from the options given below:

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Question 7

Which number will replace the question mark?

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Question 8

How many iron balls of radius 0.25 cm can be made out of solid iron sphere of 8 cms diameter ?

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Question 9

There were two candidates in an election, 10% of the voters did not vote, 60 votes were declared invalid. The elected candidate got 308 votes more than his opponent. If the elected candidate got 47% of the total votes, how many votes did each candidate get ?

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Question 10

The distance between two stations A and B is 300 kms. Twotrains simultaneously leave from station A and B. After they meet, the train travelling towards station A reachesthe station after 9 hours, whereas the train travelling towards station B reaches after 4 hours. Find the speed of each train in km/hr (A:B).

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