ISRO Administrative Officer 2008


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 101

Maslow,in his triangle of human needs, showedthat

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Question 102

When deciding on objectives for.managementit is advised that companies should aim to achieve 'SMART' within these. Whichof the following is NOT part of the SMART scheme?

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Question 103

Whichof the following will NOT result following the introduction of a - more decentralised system of management?

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Question 104

Which of thefollowing is NOT a characteristic of a narrow span of control?

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Question 105

Write an Essay on any one ofthe topics not exceeding 800 words:

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This passage is followed by questions based on it. Choose the best answer to each question on the basis of what is stated or implied in that passage.

The reformer must know that what moves people is the authentic life, not mere writing. The newspapers and journals that Lokmanya Tilak and Gandhiji ran, the books they wrote, sold little, but had enormous effect. Their writing was known to reflect and be just an extension of, their exemplary lives. It was the authenticity of their lives which lent weight to their message,to their example. All knew that their lives were an integral whole — they were not moral in public life and lax in private, nor vice versa. They were not full of pious thoughts and sacred resolutions within the walls of a temple and cheats outside.

A writer who is merely entertaining his readers, even one who is merely informing them, can do what he wants with the rest of his life. But the writer who sets out to use his pen to reform public life cannot afford such dualities.

Here is the testimony of one great man, Gandhiji, about the influence of another, LokmanyaTilak :

“ I believe that an editor who has anything worth saying and who commands a clientele cannot be easily hushed. He delivered his finished message as soon as he is put under duress. The Lokmanya spoke more eloquently from the Mandalay fortress than through the columns of the printed Kesari. His influence was multiplied thousandfold by his imprisonment and his speech and his pen had acquired much greater power after he was discharged than before his imprisonment. By his death we have been editing his paper without pen and speech through the sacred resolution of the people to realise his life’s dream. He could possibly have done more if he were today in the flesh, preaching his view. Critics like me would perhaps be still finding fault in his expression of this or that. Today his message rules millions of hearts which are determined to raise a permanent living memorial by the fulfillment of his ambition in their lives. “

Question 106

Lokmanya Tilak’s messages were mosteffective

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Question 107

Which of the following is the result of Lokmanya Tilak’s exemplary life?

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Question 108

Whichofthe following is the general tendency of critics according to the passage?

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Question 109

In the context of the passage, a reformer becomeseffectiveif

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Question 110

In the context of the passage, which of the following statements about Lokmanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhiis true?

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