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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The distance between two stations A and B is 300 kms. Two trains simultaneously leave from station A and B. After they meet, the train travelling towards station A reaches the station after 9 hours, whereas the train travelling towards station B reaches after 4 hours. Find the speed of each train in km/hr (A:B).

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Question 2

A fire at building “X” is reported on telephoneto twofire stations FS-A and FS-B which are apart from each other at a distance of 10 kms. FS-A observes that the fire is at an angle of 60 degrees from it and FS-B observesthatfire is at an angle of 45 degreesfrom it. if the station locatedat the shortest distance sendsits team, then find the approximate distance the team hasto travel.

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Question 3

Mahila Vahini is a women commando unit being set up by

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Question 4

National Education Day 2010 was celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of

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Question 5

Who was the first Europeanto translate the Bhagavat Gita into English

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Question 6

The term Stagflation refers to situation of

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Question 7

A model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resourcesis called

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Question 8

Who nominates persons for various parliamentary delegations to foreign | countries

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Question 9

Which country is called ‘The Playground of Europe’?

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Question 10

If the distance between two electrical charges is halved, then the force between them becomes

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