IPMAT Rohtak 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Train A takes 45 minutes more than train B to travel 450 km. Due to engine trouble, speed of train B falls by a quarter. So it takes 30 minutes more than Train A to complete the same journey. Find the speed of Train A.

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Question 12

One Trader calculates the percentage of profit on the buying price and another calculates on the selling price. When their selling prices are same, then the difference of their actual profit is Rs 85 and both claim to have made 20% profit. What is the selling price for each?

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Question 13

Due to increase of 20% in the price of eggs, 2 eggs less are available for Rs 24. The presentrate of eggs per dozen is

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Question 14

$$\sin \left(\dfrac{13\pi}{6}\right) = ?$$

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Question 15

Fruits were purchased for Rs 350. 9 boys ate $$\dfrac{3}{5}th$$ of them in 2 hours. 6 boys feel their stomach as full so do not eat further. In how many hours the remaining fruits will get finished by remaining boys?

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Question 16

If minimum value of $$f(x) = x^{2} + 2bx + 2c^{2}$$ is greater than the maximum value of $$g(x) = - x^{2} - 2cx + b^{2}$$, then for real value of x.

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Question 17

The set of all real numbers x for which $$x^{2} - |x + 2 |+ x > 0$$, is

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Question 18

What should come at the place of question mark ?
46080, 3840, 384, 48, 8, 2, ?

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Question 19

A room has floor size of 15*6sq.cm. What is the height of the room, if the sum of the areas of the base and roof is equal to the sum of the areas of the four walls ?

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Question 20

The sum of third and ninth term of an A.P is 8. Find the sum of the first 11 terms of the progression.

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