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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

In a survey on the viewership of the TV channels, 73% of those surveyed viewed at least one of the three Channels: Star Plus, Sab TV, and Sony. 38% of those surveyed viewed Star Plus, 39% viewed Sony, and 23% viewed Sab TV. 11% of all those surveyed viewed all the three channels. What percentage of those surveyed, viewed more than one of the three TV channels?

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Question 112

A physical therapist of Russian football team knows that the team will play 40% of its matches on artificial turf, this season. Because of his vast experience, he•knows that a football player's chances of incurring a knee injury is 50% higher if he is playing on artificial turf instead of grass. If the player's chances of a knee injury on artificial turf is 0.42, what is the probability that a football player with knee injury, incurred the injury while playing on grass?

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Question 113

The square root of $$1 + x^2 + \sqrt{1 + x^2 + x^4}$$is

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Question 114

$$\log_2 x.\log_{\frac{x}{64}}2 = \log_{\frac{x}{16}}2$$; then $$x = ?$$

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