FCI Assistant Grade III 2015 - Paper 1 - East Zone


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Select the choice that represents the given number the best.
1 7 2 5 5 5 2:

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Question 82

The refractive indices of Kerosene, Turpentine and water are 1.44, 1.47 and 1.33 respectively. Light will have maximum speed in:

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Question 83

A man stands on a tower and sees two hill peaks one in the north east and one in the north west. Both peaks are at the same distance from the tower. He climbs the top of the peak in the North East and looks at the other peak. Which direction does he look to do so:

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Question 84

Answer the following question on the basis of the information given below.
i.Trains A and B are travelling on the same route heading towards the same destination. Train B has already covered a distance of 220 km before the train ‘A’ started.
ii. The two trains meet each other after 11 hours after start of train ‘A’
iii. Had the trains been travelling towards each other(from a distance of 220 km) they would have met after one hour.
What is the speed of trains ‘B’ in kmph:

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Question 85

Which state has the largest population of scheduled tribes:

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Question 86

Numbers are stored and transmitted inside a computer in:

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Question 87

What is used to convert the program written in assembly language into machine language:

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Question 88

Match the Suitable pair:

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Question 89

A parity bit is:

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Question 90

QWERTY is used with reference to:

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