FCI Assistant Grade III 2015 - Paper 1 - East Zone


Given below are three positions of the same dice having names of six institutions inscribed on six faces. The names of these institutions are, ICA, ICWA, ICSI, ICFAI, IIT, BHU

Question 1

Which name occurs on the face opposite to that of ICA?

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Question 2

Which name occurs on the face opposite to that of IIT?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 3

In this question, find the missing number from given responses.
341 (16) 521,
613 (25) 816,
452 (?) 326

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Question 4

Humayunama has been authored by:

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Question 5

Which Tala has sixteen Maathrass:

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Question 6

In which state is the Gol Gumbaz located:

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Question 7

In this question, select the related number.
DE : 25 : : HI : ?

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Question 8

IPv6 address is of?

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Question 9

Puneeta borrowed from Reena certain sum for two years at simple interest. Puneeta lent this sum to Venu at the same rate for two years compound interest. At the end of two years she received ₹110 as compound interest but paid ₹100 as simple interest. Find the sum and rate of interest:

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Question 10

DOS can not retrieve any data from a disk if a computer virus corrupts the ____ of the computer:

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