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The Institute of Management Technology(IMT) Hyderabad serves as one of the excellent institution in management education, offering diverse range of PGDM programs with various specializations like marketing, finance, IT etc. As MBA aspirants set their sights on this prestigious institute, one crucial aspect they often ponder about is the cutoff trend for admissions. IMT Hyderabad accepts score from CAT, XAT, CMAT and GMAT . The minimum cutoff required for admissions is 75%ile for CAT and XAT and 80%ile for CMAT. Moreover IMT considers aggregate scores for shortlisting candidates instead of sectional scores. In this blog we will see IMT Hyderabad's cutoffs for various exams and analyze the past year trend to gain insights into what it takes to secure a seat at this esteemed institute.

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IMT Hyderabad Expected Cutoffs 2024

The expected cutoffs for each exam for this year's admission are as follows-

Entrance ExamCutoff
CAT 202375 %ile
XAT 202485 %ile
CMAT 202490 %ile
GMAT ( Between Jan 2020 and Feb 2024)550 Composite Score

Note- These are expected cutoffs predicted as per last years trend and actual cutoff may vary slightly.

IMT Hyderabad CMAT Cutoffs: Past 4 Years


It can be observed that CMAT cutoffs have increased considerably over the years with 75%ile in 2019 to being 90%ile in 2022. The cutoffs for CMAT are on a higher side as compared to CAT/XAT as CMAT is an easy exam so generally students score higher in it. Therefore, on the similar lines, this year's cutoff for CMAT is expected to be 90%ile or more.

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IMT Hyderabad CAT Cutoffs: Past 4 Years


The cutoffs for CAT have remained fairly constant throughout the years at 75%ile. The cutoffs are identical for both general and other categories. You should aim to score atleast 80%ile in CAT to be on the safer side if you seek admission in IMT Hyderabad through CAT exam.

IMT Hyderabad XAT Cutoffs: Past 4 Years


Just like CMAT, XAT cutoffs too have increased over the past few years. This year the cutoff is expected to lie around 90%ile observing the past year trends.

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Insights and Analysis of IMT Hyderabad Cutoffs

  • IMT Hyderabad receives a high volume of applications, leading to a competitive selection process. Therefore as evidenced by the cutoff trends, aspirants need to demonstrate exceptional academic performance and well rounded profiles to stand out.
  • Though the Cutoffs for all PGDM program lies in the similar range , but sometimes for specialized programs such PGDM Marketing or Finance it may fluctuate marginally based on industry trends and the institute's strategic focus.
  • While cutoff marks play a significant role in the initial screening process, IMT Hyderabad also considers other factors like work experience, extracurricular achievements and performance in personal interview which contribute to the overall selection process.

Frequently Asked questions

Are there any sectional cutoffs while shorlisting for interviews?

No, IMT considers only the aggregate or overall score and there is no sectional cutoff while shortlisting the candidates.

How do I know which score to submit?

You can apply through one or more scores of the exams you have appeared for. IMT will itself select the best score while proceeding with the admission process.

Can I get admission in IMT Hyderabad with 85%ile in CMAT?

Though 85 %ile is a good score and there are chances of you being shortlisted, but the final selection would depend on your overall profile rather than just CMAT scores.

How can I check my merit list in IMT Hyderabad?

The merit list for qualifying students will be available on their official website- once the results are released.

What are the minimum marks required to get a seat at IMT Hyderabad?

The minimum percentile needed will be around 70 for CAT, 80 for CMAT and 60 for XAT exam.

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