How To Get Into IIM With Poor Academics?

How to get into IIMs with poor academics?
How to get into IIMs with poor academics?

How to get into IIM with poor academics? As many individuals strive to gain entry into esteemed IIM institutions, some prospective students may feel uncertain about their prospects due to their previous academic performance. In this article, we will explore effective approaches to successfully pursue admission to IIM despite having less favourable academic records.”

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Although a weak academic background significantly diminishes the chances of securing admission to certain IIMs, it should not be perceived as an absolute barrier to entry across all IIMs. In this article, we will explore the potential opportunities for gaining admission to IIMs by examining the admission criteria observed in recent years.

How to Get into IIM with Poor Academics

To focus on the main subject, let’s omit IIM Bangalore from our discussion. With the exception of IIM Bangalore and partially IIM Shillong, it is feasible to secure admission to other IIMs even with certain shortcomings in your academics.

Before addressing the question of how to gain admission to IIM with poor academics, it is crucial to establish a clear definition of “poor academics.” Furthermore, the interpretation of poor academics may differ among various IIMs. Let’s examine the prospects of admission to each IIM individually in detail.

How to get into IIM Ahmedabad:

IIM Ahmedabad invites the top 50 performers from each academic discipline, regardless of their academic background. However, if you are an engineer, securing a position among the top 50 nationwide can be a challenging endeavour. Generally, a percentile score below 99.96 is unlikely to meet the criteria for engineers. For non-engineers, achieving a percentile score of 99.7 or higher should provide a favourable chance of receiving an invitation based on this criterion, with some variation depending on the specific field of study.

To qualify for the regular shortlisting process, the candidate must have a minimum average score of 80% in both class X and class XII. If an applicant’s average falls below this threshold, regardless of their CAT score, they will not receive an interview invitation unless they happen to be among the top 50 performers in their respective academic stream.

If the average is above 80%, aspirants will have to compensate for low scores in graduation with a sufficiently high CAT score. A 99.7+ percentile will prove to be a safe score if your graduation scores are not that high.

For non-engineers targetting IIMA interview calls, anything above 99-99.2%le should be sufficient to be placed in the top 50 of their academic discipline.

How to get into IIM Calcutta:

When it comes to academics, Calcutta stands out as the most generous among the IIMs. Graduation scores are not taken into consideration by IIM C during the shortlisting process, nor is work experience considered when inviting candidates for interviews. Therefore, if your class X and class XII scores are respectable (80% or above), achieving a percentile of 99.7 guarantees you a call. In case your class X or class XII scores are not particularly strong, obtaining a sufficiently high percentile in the CAT exam is essential. Once again, a percentile of 99.8 can be considered a safe score if either your class X or class XII score falls within the 70% range. However, if both scores are below 70%, you would need an impressive percentile of 99.95 to secure a call from IIM C.

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How to get into IIM Lucknow:

When shortlisting candidates, IIM Lucknow does not take into account their class X marks. However, the weightage given to CAT scores and work experience is substantial, which means that applicants with low graduation scores can compensate with a high CAT percentile and relevant work experience. IIM Lucknow allocates 60% weightage to CAT scores, 10% to work experience, and 10% to both 12th and graduation scores.

If your work experience is more than 2.5 years, you will get full 10% marks.

In the personal interview, IIM Lucknow has a cut-off of 12 marks out of 40. Candidates securing less than 12 marks in the PI will not be offered admission, irrespective of their cumulative scores.

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How to get into IIM Kozhikode:

When offering calls to candidates, IIM Kozhikode does not take into consideration their class X scores. The weightage assigned to the CAT score is 75%, while both class XII and graduation scores carry a weightage of 7.5% each. As a result, achieving a percentile of 99.8 or above in the CAT exam can serve as a valuable compensating factor for less impressive academic records.

How to get into IIM Indore:

IIM Indore assigns a weightage of 34% to class X scores and 40% to class XII scores, while the CAT score holds a weightage of only 20%. If your graduation scores are relatively low, there is still a possibility of receiving a call from IIM Indore. However, if either your class X or class XII scores are low, it is unlikely to receive a call regardless of your CAT score. It is worth noting that IIM Indore normalizes board percentages, particularly considering boards known for mark inflation, such as TN and Andhra. Therefore, aspirants from these boards should take this factor into consideration.

How to get into New IIMs:

If your academic scores are excellent, with scores of 90 or above in X, XII, and graduation, achieving a percentile of 97 will effortlessly secure a call. Even if your academic scores are lower, obtaining a percentile of 99.2 or higher will guarantee calls from the new IIMs. To ensure a safer position, aim to score above the 99.4 percentile mark.

Other B-schools – How to get into FMS, XLRI, MDI, JBIMS:

When shortlisting candidates, other prestigious B-schools such as FMS, MDI, XLRI, and JBIMS do not give significant importance to past academic records. If you achieve a percentile of 99.7 or higher in the respective exams, you can be assured of receiving an interview call from these institutes (except JBIMS) and have a high probability of converting it into an admission offer. Instead of solely focusing on how to get into IIM with less impressive academics, it is advisable to broaden your options and concentrate on your preparation.

We hope that this article on how to get into IIM with poor academics would have helped to clear the air a bit. Irrespective of your past academics, prepare well for CAT and try to score above 99.9 percentile to give yourself a shot at the top IIMs.

If you believe that your academic score might hinder your chances of entering the IIM, you’ve always aspired to join. It may be beneficial to let go of those specific expectations. Instead, redirect your focus towards maximizing your CAT scores and enhancing your overall profile. By doing so, you can confidently face the interview process and increase your prospects of gaining admission to top-tier B-Schools.

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  1. am a gem (general male engineer) who graduated in 2017
    academics- 90 70 70 types
    no work experience
    cat 17- %ile in 80’s

    will working for a year or two compensate my poor/average academics or it doesn’t matter at all? I was wondering if I could attempt cat this year and be done with it once and for all or work till 2019 and take cat 2019?

    I am very confused so kindly help me


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