AP ICET 2012


A questionis followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are
sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 1

Is the product of the integers x, y and z equal to 1?
I. x + y + z = 3
II. x > 0, y > 0, z > 0

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Question 2

What is the radius of the circle circumscribing the triangle ABC?
I. ABC is a right-angled triangle
II. The largest side of the triangle is 12 cms.

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Question 3

Is $$\triangle ABC$$ equilateral?
I. $$AB = BC$$
II. $$\angle ABC = 60^\circ$$

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Question 4

For the positive integer x is the greatest commondivisor of 150 and x a prime number?
I. x is a prime number
II. x < 4

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Question 5

If x and y are integers then is z an even integer?
I. $$z = (x + y)^2$$
II. $$z = 2x + 8y$$

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Question 6

What is the area of the rhombus ABCD?
I. The length of the side AB is 12 cms
II. One diagonalis of nee 30 cms

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Question 7

Is a + b = d?
I. The average of a, b and c is 6
II. The average of c and d is 9

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Question 8

Are the lines $$L_1$$ and $$L_2$$ parallel?
I. $$L_1$$ and $$L_2$$ make equal angle with y = 0
II. $$L_1$$ and $$L_2$$ lie in a plane

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Question 9

What is the digit in the units place of the integer n?
I. n leaves remainder 17 when divided by 100
II. n is divisible by 17

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Question 10

What is the value of $$\frac{1}{x + 48}$$?
I. $$x + 96 = 0$$
II. $$x + 48 \neq 0$$

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