AP ICET 16th May 2016


Following questions, a question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions. Using the data make an appropriate choice from (a) to (d) as per the following guidelines :

Question 1

What is the positive integer โ€œaโ€ that is not exceeding 1500?
I. 19 is a factor of โ€˜aโ€™.
II. 29 divides โ€˜aโ€™.

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Question 2

If x and y are positive integers, is x greater than y?
I. 20 < x
II. y > 17

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Question 3

Is x > y?
I. 3x + 2y = 11
II. x - y = 2

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Question 4

Is the product xy positive?
I. $$(x + y)^2 < (x - y)^2$$
II. x = y

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Question 5

If x, y, z are positive integers, is x + y + z divisible by 7?
I. x + y + z is an even number.
II. x = 4y - 11, z = 2y + 4

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Question 6

If the product of two positive integers m and n is 132, then whatis the value of m + n?
I. m > n
II. $$\mid m - n \mid = 1$$

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Question 7

What is the length of the side BC in the triangle ABC?
I. AB = 8cm, AC = 5cm
II. Area of the triangle ABC is 10 cm$$^2$$.

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Question 8

What is the value of $$\cos \theta + \sin \theta$$?

I. $$\sec \theta + \cosec \theta = 5$$

II. $$\sin 2\theta = \frac{1}{2}$$

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Question 9

Is the positive integer n divisible by 225?
I. 75 is a factor of n.
II. 45 is a factor of n.

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Question 10

What percent of marks did Ram get in 4 subjects, on average?
I. He got 92 in Physics and 85 in English.
II. He got 96 in Mathematics and 94 in Chemistry.

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