AP ICET 11th September 2020 Shift-2


Read the following passage and answer questions

Ryokan, the Zen teacher, was requested by his sister-in-law to come to her house and talk to her son.

"He doe, not work, squanders his father's money in wild parties and is neglecting
the estate," she complained. "If he does not reform, we will be ruined."

Ryokan, went to his brother's house and met his nephew who was genuinely
pleased to see him. The two of them had spent many happy hours together before Ryokan
had turned to Zen and entered the monastery.

The young man knew why his uncle had come and braced himself for the , scolding
he was sure he would receive. But Ryokan said not a word in rebuke, the whole day.

The next morning when it was time for him to go, he put on his garments and then
said to his nephew: "Will you help me the the thongs of my sandals" My hands shake and I
cannot do it."

His nephew helped him willingly.

"Thank you," said Ryokan. "A man becomes older and feebler day by day. You
remember how strong and robust I used to be?"

"I do,"" said hi, nephew, thoughtfully. "I do indeed remember how you used to

It was the moment of truth for him. He suddenly realized that his mother and all
those who had looked after him had become old and that it was now his turn to look after
them and to take on the responsibilities of the household and the community.

He gave up his dissolute life forever.

Question 191

Ryokan was requested by his sister-in-law to visit her home to

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Question 192

The nephew of the Zen teacher expected that his uncle would __________

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Question 193

The Zen teacher's hands were shivering when he tried to the the thongs of his sandals because ___________

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Question 194

The way the Zen teacher taught his nephew is ________

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Question 195

The word 'dissolute' means

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Read the following passage and answer questions

Way back in 1960s, when my generation was in the teens, long before any economist wrote about globalisation, Marshal McLuhan wrote a bestseller - The Medium is the Message - and coined the term global village. The book is full of quotable quotes about modern media, advertising, communication, politics, technology and so on.

It was a couple of decades after McLuhan's book was published that the word 'globalisation' captured the imagination of most people as they began to travel more easily. Television, as McLuhan reminded us, had brought the world into our living room. "Everybody experiences far more than he understands. Yet it is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behaviour", he wrote. Television had brought experience closer home, without the required understanding of that experience.

Question 196

The author of the passage was born in the

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Question 197

McLuhan's book does NOT deal with

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Question 198

The term globalisation caught people's imagination in the

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Question 199

Television ______ the living room

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Question 200

_________forms the basis of behaviour.

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