Question 72

Ravi spent less than Rs. 75 to buy one kilogram each of potato, onion, and gourd. Which one of the three vegetables bought was the costliest?

A. 2 kg potato and 1 kg gourd cost less than 1 kg potato and 2 kg gourd.

B. 1 kg potato and 2 kg onion together cost the same as 1 kg onion and 2 kg gourd.


Using statement 1 alone, 2P + G < P + 2G

=> P < G

Using statement 2 alone, P + 2O = O + 2G

=> P + O = 2G

So, using either statement alone, we cannot find the answer to the question.

However, by using both the statements together, we can determine that P < G < O

So, option c) is the answer.

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