The following bar chart shows the education level of men in Village X. Please answer the following two questions based on the bar chart.

Question 69

If the number of literate men is 1200, what is the number of men who have attained secondary level education?


Let the total number of men be x.

Given, the total percentage of literate people= 75%, which is given to be 1200.

So, $$75\%\ \times\ x=1200$$

=> $$\ \frac{\ 75}{100}\times\ x=1200$$

=> $$\ \frac{\ 3}{4}\times\ x=1200$$

=> $$\ \ x=1200\times\ \ \frac{\ 4}{3}$$

.'. x= 1600.

It is given that 35% of the men have attained secondary level education.

So, 35% of 1600= $$\ \frac{\ 35}{100}\times\ 1600$$= 560 is our answer.

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