For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which one of the following objectives is NOT embodied in the Preamble to the Constitution of India?

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Question 2

The Radcliffe Committee was appointed to _________.

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Question 3

Who, in India, has the power to summon or prorogue either House of the Parliament?

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Question 4

The Indian Supreme Court's judgement on triple talaq refers to which of its forms?

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Question 5

The number '1729' is considered as an interesting number as it is the smallest natural number that can be written as the sum of cubes in two ways - sum of the cubes of 12 and 1 and the sum of the cubes of 10 and 9. What is this number '1729' popularly known as?

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Question 6

The key document that legally entitles registered households to apply for work under MGNREGA is _________.

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Question 7

"Halfway to Heaven" is the slogan adopted to promote tourism by which Indian state?

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Question 8

'Adam's Apple' is the common name for which organ in the human body?

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Question 9

Which tribal community in Madhya Pradesh celebrates the Bhagoria festival?

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Question 10

In February 2017, ISRO launched PSLV-C37 which carried 104 satellites belonging to seven countries, including India. How many of these were Indian satellites?

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