Question 62

Albela, Bob and Chulbul have to read a document of seventy eight pages and make a presentation next day. They realize that the article is difficult to understand and they would require teamwork to finish the assignment. Albela can read a page in 2 minutes, Bob in 3 minutes, and Chulbul in 4 minutes. If they divide the article into 3 parts so that all three of them spend the equal amount of time on the article, the number of pages that Bob should read is


Let the total time required be 12T (LCM of 2, 3 and 4 for the ease of calculation)
No. of pages read by Albela in 12T minutes at 2 minute per page = 6T
No. of pages read by Bob in 12T minutes at 3 minute per page = 4T
No. of pages read by Chulbul in 12T minutes at 4 minute per page = 3T
Total no. of pages read by all three of them = (6T + 4T + 3T) = 13T
According to the question, total pages = 78
So, 13T = 78
Or, T = 6
Therefore, no. of pages read by Bob = 4T = 24
Hence, option  A is the correct answer.

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