Question 59

A box contains 6 cricket balls, 5 tennis balls and 4 rubber balls. Of these, some balls are defective. The proportion of defective cricket balls is more than the proportion of defective tennis balls but less than the proportion of defective rubber balls.
Moreover, the overall proportion of defective balls is twice the proportion of defective tennis balls. What BEST can be said about the number of defective rubber balls in the box?


Given, z/4 > x/6 > y/5 ...(i)

and (x+y+z)/15= 2*y/5 => x+z=5y

The value of y can only be 1.

=> x+z=5.

If z = 1, then z/4 is less than x/6.

If z = 2, then z/4 is equal to x/6.

If z = 4 or 5 then y/5 is greater than x/6.

The only possible value to satisfy (i) condition is z=3. and x=2.

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