Question 49

The amount Neeta and Geeta together earn in a day equals what Sita alone earns in 6 days. The amount Sita and Neeta together earn in a day equals what Geeta alone earns in 2 days. The ratio of the daily earnings of the one who earns the most to that of the one who earns the least is


Let the amounts Neeta, Geeta, and Sita earn in a day be n, g, and s respectively. 

Then, it has been given that:

n+g=6s -i

s+n=2g -ii

ii-i, we get: s-g = 2g-6s

7s = 3g.

Let g be 7a. Then s earns 3a.

Then n earns 6s-g = 18a-7a = 11a.

Thus, the ratio is 11a:3a = 11:3

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