Question 41

The offer of the government to make iodised salt available at a low price of one rupee per kilo is welcome, especially since the government seems to be so concerned about the ill effects of non-iodised salt. But it is doubtful whether the offer will actually be implemented. Way back in 1994, the government, in an earlier effort, had prepared reports outlining three new and simple but experimental methods for reducing the costs of iodisation to about five paise per kilo. But these reports have remained just those — reports on paper.

Which one of the following, if true, most weakens the author’s contention that it is doubtful whether the offer will be actually implemented?


If there is evidence that the earlier proposal had been put into practice and not just remained a proposal on paper, then the contention of the author that the new proposal will also remain a proposal on paper is weakened. This is captured by the statement in option c), which says that many small-scale and joint-sector units have completed trials to use the three iodisation methods for regular production. This weakens the author's contention.

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