Question 31

The five sentences (labelled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) given in this question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a number. Decide on the proper order for the sentences and key in this sequence of five numbers as your answer.
1. Johnson treated English very practically, as a living language, with many different shades of meaning and adopted his definitions on the principle of English common law — according to precedent.
2. Masking a profound inner torment, Johnson found solace in compiling the words of a language that was, in its coarse complexity and comprehensive genius, the precise analogue of his character.
3. Samuel Johnson was a pioneer who raised common sense to heights of genius, and a man of robust popular instincts whose watchwords were clarity, precision and simplicity.
4. The 18th century English reader, in the new world of global trade and global warfare, needed a dictionary with authoritative acts of definition of words of a language that was becoming seeded throughout the first British empire by a vigorous and practical champion.
5. The Johnson who challenged Bishop Berkeley's solipsist theory of the nonexistence of matter by kicking a large stone ("I refute it thus") is the same Johnson for whom language must have a daily practical use.

Correct Answer: 43512


Sentence 4 should be the opening sentence since it talks about the need for a dictionary in the 18th century. The other 4 statements talk about Samuel Johnson. 
3 must follow 4 since it introduces the subject, Samuel Johnson. Only sentence 3 contains the full name of Samuel Johnson. 
3 should be followed by 5 since it describes Johnson's character. 5 plays the role of a general introduction and hence, it should be placed before any specific detail regarding Johnson's contribution to the dictionary is introduced.
Out of sentences 1 and 2, 1 should precede 2 since it establishes that Johnson worked on English and sentence 2 explains the innate connection between Johnson and the language (English).
43512 is the correct order. 

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