Question 30

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out.

1) In many cases time inconsistency is what prevents our going from intention to action.

2) For people to continuously postpone getting their children immunized, they would need to be constantly fooled by themselves.

3) In the specific case of immunization, however, it is hard to believe that time inconsistency by itself would be sufficient to make people permanently postpone the decision if they were fully cognizant of its benefits.

4) In most cases, even a small cost of immunization was large enough to discourage most people.

5) Not only do they have to think that they prefer to spend time going to the camp next month rather than today, they also have to believe that they will indeed go next month.

Correct Answer: 4


All sentences except sentence 4 talk about how time inconsistency prevents people from immunizing their children. Sentence 4 states that the cost of immunization acts as a deterrent which is not in line with the other 4 sentences. 

1 should be the opening sentence since it is a general statement introducing time inconsistency. Sentence 1 should be followed by sentence 3 since explains how time inconsistency, in itself, acts as a deterrent in the specific case of immunization. Sentences 2 and 5 form a pair. Sentence 2 states how people should be fooling themselves to postpone their child's immunization. Sentence 5 explains how they should be fooling themselves to not get their child immunized. 

Sentences 1325 can be put together into a coherent paragraph. Therefore, 4 is the correct answer. 

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