Question 29

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out.

1. Much has been recently discovered about the development of songs in birds.

2. Some species are restricted to a single song learned by all individuals, others have a range of songs.

3. The most important auditory stimuli for the birds are the sounds of other birds.

4. For all bird species there is a prescribed path to development of the final song,

5. A bird begins with the subsong, passes through plastic song, until it achieves the species song.

Correct Answer: 3


On reading the sentences, we can infer that the paragraph talks about the development of songs in birds. 

1 should be the opening sentence since it introduces the topic of discussion, the development of songs in birds. 1 provides a proper introduction to the paragraph by stating that much has been discovered about the development of songs in birds. 

4 should be the sentence that follows 1 since it states that the development of songs in birds follow a template process. 
5 explains the mechanism in which the song is developed. Therefore, sentence 5 should follow sentence 4. 
2 should be the last sentence since it states that some species restrict themselves to one song while other species have more than one song. 

Sentences 1452 form a coherent paragraph. Sentence 3 talks about the sounds of birds while the other sentences are about how a species develops a song. Therefore, sentence 3 is the one out of context and hence, 3 is the right answer. 

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