Question 25

Five sentences related to a topic are given below in a jumbled order. Four of them form a coherent and unified paragraph. Identify the odd sentence that does not go with the four. Key in the number of the option that you choose.
1. ‘Stat’ signaled something measurable, while ‘matic’ advert ised free labour; but ‘tron’, above all, indicated control.
2. It was a totem of high modernism, the intellectual and cultural mode that decreed no process or phenomenon was too complex to be grasped, managed and optimized.
3. Like the heraldic shields of ancient knights, these morphemes were painted onto the names of scientific technologies to proclaim one’s history and achievements to friends and enemies alike.
4. The historian Robert Proctor at Stanford University calls the suffix ‘-tron’, along with ‘-matic’ and ‘-stat’, embodied symbols.
5. To gain the suffix was to acquire a proud and optimistic emblem of the electronic and atomic age.

Correct Answer: 2


Option 4 and option 5 are related as both statement start with a suffix.
While option 3 is a continuation of the idea in option 3

Option 5 says that the suffix signifies pride, while option 3 elaborates on this and explains how it is displayed as pride to friends and families alike. Hence 53 is a logical block.

Among all the statements, 4 is the only one which doesn't have a pronoun or a tone indicating the presence of a preceding statement.

While 4 opens the statement, it must be succeeded by 1 as the terms cannot be explained at the end. 

The logical coherence of this para jumble is 4(Introduction of terms)-1(Explanation of terms)-5(Consequence of terms(Pride))-3(Elaboration of consequence)

Statement 2 speaks about modernism and that every phenomenon can be easily grasped. It is unrelated to the context of the passage and a misfit.

Hence, option 2 is the odd one out

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