Analyse the following passage and provide appropriate answers for questions that follow.

Creative thinking can be used by management teams to produce actions that will potentially increase innovation and identify opportunities. Brainstorming is one technique that can enhance creativity. Brainstorming is usually regarded as a method to be used with groups of people. Although, it can be employed with individuals, the benefit of involving a group is that one person’s idea can help to stimulate even more ideas by other group members.

Underlying brainstorm is the idea that people’s creativity is restricted because they tend to reject ideas at too early a stage. This can be because they may be imposing imaginary constraints on a problem or making false assumptions. Alternatively, they may be unable to see a problem from multiple perspectives or they may be stereotyping problems and possible solutions and hence failing to see their wider potential. Involvement of people with different perspectives enriches the idea generation.

Question 24

Pick the option that best captures the relationship between the two paragraphs above.


In the first paragraph, the author describes brainstorming. In the second paragraph, the author mentions how brainstorming can lead to the discovery of novel ideas as an idea is perceived from multiple perspectives.

Hence, among the options, E is the best choice for the answer.

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