2013 RRB Allahabad


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

5 pencils and 4 erasers cost Rs 13 whereas 9 pencils and 5 erasers cost Rs 19 Then the price of 6 pencils and 3 erasers is

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Question 12

Let $$a_{1}, a_{2}.........a_{7}$$ be arbitrary different positive integers taking one value at a time from 1,2,........7. The number $$(a_{1}-1) (a_{2}-2)......(a_{7}-7)$$

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Question 13

Consider the natural numbers 88935. Then the least natural number by which we can divide or multiply the number to make it a square number is

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Question 14

There is a path 1 m wide outside a rectangular field of 16 m length and 11m breadth then the total area of the path is

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Question 15

A two digit is such that when it is divided by the largest single digit prime number leaves remainder 4.If the difference of the two digit is 4 then the number is

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Question 16

A train runs at the speed of 72 Km per hour The distance between any two stations is 42 km and the train stops at each stations for 5 minutes. Then the time taken by train to go 350 km is

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Question 17

The Parliament consists of the

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Question 18

Ribosome’s main activity is

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Question 19

Synovial fluid is found in the

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Question 20

The donor of AB blood group can donate to recipient of blood group

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