2013 RRB Allahabad


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

The two sequences 1,4,16,64,......and 5,20,80,320,....... are used to form a new sequence as follows:
Then the number immediately preceding the number 1048576 is the new sequence is

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Question 82

The volumes of three kinds of materials are in the ratio 3:4:7 and the weights of equal volumes of the three materials are in the ratio 5:2:6 If they are mixed to form a material of 65 kg then the weight of the 2nd material in the mixture is

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Question 83

In a class party arranged for 43 students 26 liked both icecream and cold drinks 7 disliked ice cream and 4 disliked both Then the number of students who liked ice-cream is

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Question 84

A man swim at 5 km per hour velocity in still water He takes 75 minutes to swim from position A to the position B and back in a river when it is flowing at 1 km per hour The distance between A and B is

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Question 85

The Indian cricket team is to be selected out of fifteen players five of them are bowlers In how many ways the team can be selected so that the team contains at least three bowlers ?

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Question 86

A invested Rs 10,000 for 9 months and B invested Rs 18,000 for some times in a business If the profits of A and B are equal then the period of time for which B’s capital was invested is

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Question 87

50 workers can complete a job in 6 days working 8 hours a day if 40 workers are employed to complete the job in 20 days then the number of hours they should be working per day is

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Question 88

The marked price of television is Rs 24,000.A retailer bought it after getting successive discounts of 20 per cent and 10 per cent respectively.Then the retailer bought it at

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Question 89

A man worked 14 hours a day for the first 2 days, 12 hours a day for the next 3 days but did not work on the sixth day. Then on the average how much did he work in the first six days ?

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Question 90

The number of straight lines that can be drawn in a plane with 23 given points assuming that no three of them are collinear is

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