XAT 2012 Question 17

Question 17

The benefits of psychotherapy result not only from the advice the therapist gives but also from the supportive relationship offered to the patient. Even though this relationship may cost large amounts of money over many years, most patients interpret the therapist’s concern for them as genuine and identify this caring relationship as the primary factor in improving their mental health. However, recent studies have found that only eight percent of therapist/patient relationships continue after the patient terminates formal paid visits.
Which of the following is in accordance with the ideas contained in the passage? Choose the best option.


The passage states that even though psychotherapy is expensive, the supportive relationship offered by therapists benefits patients a lot. But in the last line, it has been mentioned that very few therapists continue this relationship after the paid visits are terminated. Hence, we can infer that they are equally concerned with money-making. Option A is the correct answer.
All other options are irrelevant or alien to the passage.

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