Question 128

From Cochin to Shimla, the new culture vultures are tearing down acres of India's architectural treasures. Ancestral owners are often fobbed off with a few hundred rupees for an exquisitely carved door or window, which fetches fifty times that much from foreign dealers, and yet more from the drawing room sophisticates of Europe and the US. The reason for such shameless rape of the Indian architectural wealth can perhaps, not wrongly, be attributed to the unfortunate blend of activist disunity and the local indifference. It can be inferred from the above passage that


Option b) is incorrect because it says 'only' India is not proud of its culture, which is incorrect.

Option c) is incorrect because we cannot infer if 'most' Indian families have sold off their heirlooms.

Option d) is incorrect because the market is US and Europe and not India. India is the souce.

Option a) can be inferred.

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