Question 127

The company encourages its managers to interact regularly, without a pre-set agenda, to discuss issues concerning the company and society. This idea has been borrowed from the ancient Indian concept of religious congregation, called satsang. Designations are forgotten during these meetings; hence, it is not uncommon in these meetings to find a sales engineer questioning the CEO on some corporate policy or his knowledge of customers. Based on the information provided in the above passage, it can be inferred that


From the argument, we understand the following points: 1. The company is trying to instill the spirit of dialogue in its employees. 2. This dialogue is agnostic of position or title of the employee.

So, we can infer that the company believes in fostering the spirit of dialogue without degenerating it into a positioning based debate. Option B is the correct answer.

In option C, there is an assumption that the company had some inter-personal problems in the past. However, there is no such information in the passage from which we can infer the assumption. Also, we have to choose the answer according to the contents of the given paragraph. Therefore, option C is incorrect.

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