Question 122

Choose the option that best captures the essence of the text.

Although almost all climate scientists agree that the Earth is gradually warming, they have long been of two minds about the process of rapid climate shifts within larger periods of change. Some have speculated that the process works like a giant oven or freezer, warming or cooling the whole planet at the same time. Others think that shifts occur on opposing schedules in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, like exaggerated seasons. Recent research in Germany examining climate patterns in the Southern Hemisphere at the end of the last Ice Age strengthens the idea that warming and cooling occurs at alternate times in the two hemispheres. A more definitive answer to this debate will allow scientists to better predict when and how quickly the next climate shift will happen.


No where is in mentioned in the paragraph that "a definitive answer" can be found. So, statement a) which says "research will help find a definitive answer", option c) which says "Research will help scientists find a definitive answer" are ruled out. Option d) is misleading because the para doesn't talk about more research than debates helping scientists. So, this option can also be ruled out. Option b) is the best summary.

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