CAT 2022 Question Paper (Slot 2) - Quant Question 12

Question 12

In an election, there were four candidates and 80% of the registered voters casted their votes. One of the candidates received 30% of the casted votes while the other three candidates received the remaining casted votes in the proportion 1 : 2 : 3. If the winner of the election received 2512 votes more than the candidate with the second highest votes, then the number of registered voters was


Let the number of registered votes be 100x

The number of votes casted = 80x

Votes received by one of the candidates = $$\frac{30}{100}\times80x$$ = 24x

Remaining votes = 80x - 24x = 56x

Votes received by other three candidates is $$\frac{56x}{6},\frac{2\times56x}{6},\ \frac{\ 3\times56x}{6}$$

It is given,

28x - 24x = 2512

4x = 2512

x = 628

The number of registered votes = 100x = 62800

The answer is option D.

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