Question 118

Choose the option which summarizes the passage the best.

You seemed at first to take no notice of your school-fellows, or rather to set yourself against them because they were strangers to you. They knew as little of you as you did of them; this would have been the reason for their keeping aloof from you as well, which you would have felt as a hardship. Learn never to conceive a prejudice against others because you know nothing of them. It is bad reasoning, and makes enemies of half the world. Do not think ill of them till they behave ill to you; and then strive to avoid the faults, which you see in them. This will disarm their hostility sooner than pique or resentment or complaint.


The paragraph begins with the experience of 2nd person and than gives the advice.
Option A is incorrect because it doesn't tell anything about complaining and analysing
Option C is incomplete as it only talks about the experience.
Option D is incorrect as it is written"you did not know them well".The para talks about both sides not knowing each other.

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