CAT 2004 Question Paper Question 117

Question 117

Choose the option which summarizes the passage the best.

The human race is spread all over world, from the polar regions to the tropics. The people of whom it is made up eat different kinds of food, partly according to the climate in which they live, and partly according to the kind of food which their country produces.

In hot climates; meat and fat are not much needed; but in the Arctic regions they seem to be very necessary for keeping up the heat of the body. Thus, in India, People live chiefly on different kinds of grains, eggs, milk, or sometimes fish and meat. In Europe people eat more meat and less gain. In the Arctic regions, where no grains and fruits are produced, the Eskimo and others races live almost entirely on meat and fish.


The main idea of the paragraph is the different type of foods which is primarily consumed depending upon the climate.Option A clearly summarises this perfectly.
Option B is incorrect as the climate doesn't compel the people to eat different food.
Option C doesn't indicate the the main idea of the paragraph.It only states the facts given in the paragraph.
Option D is incorrect as it is not mentioned in the paragraph that the people are required to change their food depending upon their location.

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