Question 11

Mr. Murthy takes the morning train to his office from station A to station B, and his colleague Mr.Rahman joins him on the way. There are three stations C, D and E on the way not necessarily in that sequence. What is the sequence of stations?
I. Mr. Rahman boards the train at D.
II. Mr. Thomas, who travels between C & D has two segments of journey in common with Mr. Murthy but none with Mr. Rahman.


Considering first statement and second statement alone, information will not suffice to find the sequence of stations,
But if we consider both statements together we can tell about the sequence of stations as between A and B, Mr. Thomas travels with Mr. Murthy but not with Mr. Rahman. That means Mr. Thomas must have departed from station C and arrived at station D.
And it is also given that between C and D there are two segments. Hence, E lies between C and D, and Mr. Rahman departed from station D.

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