United India Insurance AO Exam 2013 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Which of the following, among the options given below, is the name of a country?

Question 12

Which of the following enables the server to manage data, users, groups, security, applications, etc?

Question 13

What does NPA stand for?

Question 14

Which of the following does not correctly explain a desktop computer?

Question 15

In the field of computing, cookies are not known as

Question 16

With which game/sport is Davis Cup associated?

Question 17

Who was recently chosen for the prestigious Saraswati Sanunan 2012?

Question 18

What does HUF stand for?

Question 19

In which sport is the term ‘back hand drive’ used?

Question 20

In the field of insurance. Bich term is employed for describing a professional who deals with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty?

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