TS Police SI Mains 2018 Arithmetic and Reasoning


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A person gives $$47\frac{1}{2}\%$$  of his property to the elder son, $$32\frac{1}{2}\%$$ to the younger son, 5% to a temple and the balance of Rs. 6 lakhs to his daughter. The share of the younger son (in lakhs of rupees) is

Question 2

If 25% of a number is added to another number then the second number is increased by 10%. The ratio of the first number to the second is

Question 3

A Person spends 80% of his monthly salary. His salary was increased by 20%. He increased his expenditure also by 20%. Then, the percentage increase in his savings is

Question 4

A class has two sections A and B having 60 and 40 students respectively, If 45% of the section A and 55%of the section B pass in an examination then the pass percentage of the two sections together is

Question 5

To pass an Examination a student has to secure 45% of marks.A boy getting 295 marks fails by 20 marks.The maximum marks for the examination is

Question 6

In a fraction if the numerator is increased by 23% and the decreased by 32% we get new fraction $$\frac{13}{17}$$.The sum of the new fraction to the original is

Question 7

The total number of students in a class with 44 girls and the rest 45% boys is

Question 8

There are 60 students in a of the student weighing 40 Kgs was replaced by another the average weight of the student increased by 0.2 kg. The weight of the new student is (in kgs)

Question 9

The average of 40 numbers is 35. If two numbers 44,45 are discarded, then the average of the remaining numbers is

Question 10

There are 4 number. The average of first three numbers is 56 and the average of last three is 49,if the first number is 48 then the last number is

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