TS ICET 30th September 2020 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 141

If the arithmetic mean of the first 'n' natural numbers is 8, then n =

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Question 142

The average of cubes of first ten natural numbers is

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Question 143

If the median of the following distribution is 9.89, then the mode of the distribution is

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Question 144

The variance of the weights of the ten person whose weights (in kgs) are
45, 49, 55, 50, 41, 44, 60, 58, 53, 55 is

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Question 145

A data consists of 100 observations $$x_{1},x_{2},... x_{100}$$. If $$\sum_{i=1}^{100}(3x_{i}+17)^{2}=22500$$ and $$\sum_{i=1}^{100}(3x_{i}+17)= 900$$, then the standard deviation of $$x_{},x_{2},... , x_{100}$$ is

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Question 146

Which of the following two variables likely to have maximum positive correlation coefficient ?

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Question 147

Three unbaised coins are tossed. The probability of getting exactly one Head is

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Question 148

If a fair die is thrown 3 times, the probability that the sum of the number turned up 14 is

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Question 149

If A, B and C are any three events in a sample space S then $$P(A \cup B \cup C)=$$

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Question 150

If A and B are two mutually exclusive event of a sample space S such that AUB = S and P(B)= 2P (A) then P(A) =

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