TS ICET 30th September 2020 Shift-1


In the followings, a question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 1

Is the positive integer 'n' even ?

(I) 12 n is an even integer.
(II) 11 n is an odd integer.

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Question 2

Among A, B, C, D and E, who is the heaviest?
(I) C is heavier than only A.
(II) D is lighter than B, but heavier than C and E.

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Question 3

What is the perimeter of the equilateral triangle?
(I) All the sides are equal.
(II) The area of the triangle is $$\frac{\sqrt{3}}{4}$$ Sq. units.

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Question 4

Find the value of x?
(I) $$x$$ is divisible by 2
(II) $$x$$ is divisible by 7

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Question 5

If $$a_{1} , a_{2} . .. .. a_{40}$$ are in arithmetic progression, then the common difference is
(I) $$a_{36} - a_{10} = 52$$
(II) $$a_{40} = 83$$

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Question 6

Which train is moving with a greater speed?
(I) A train P of length 300m crosses a man in 18 seconds,
(II) Another train Q of length 250m crosses a bridge of length 350m in 20 seconds.

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Question 7

what is the value of $$\frac{x^{3} + 3x^{2}y + y^{3}}{4xy^{2}}$$
(I) x = 43
(II) x : y = 7 : 9

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Question 8

What is relative speed of the boat?
(I) Speed of boat in still water is 2 kmph.
(II) The boat is moving against the current.

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Question 9

Is n a prime number?
(I) The sum of positive divisors of n is n + 1,
(II) n is a positive integer.

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Question 10

If a, b are positive integers such that ab = 84, what is the value of a?
(I) $$a > b$$
(II) $$9 <\frac{a}{b} <10$$

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