TS ICET 24th May 2019 Shift-1


The marks obtained by a student in the examination in (A) Mathematics (B) English (C) Telugu. (D) Social Science (E) Science are depicted in the following Pie Diagram. Based on this data answer the questions

Question 51

If a student has scored 150 marks in Mathematics, how many marks did he score in social science?

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Question 52

What is the percentage of the total marks scored by the student in C, D and E put together?

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Question 53

If a student got 150 marks in A. how many marks did he get in D & E put together?

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The following passage to be analyzed for answering the questions:

In a class of 60 students. 23 play Hockey, 15 play Basketball and 20 plays Cricket. 7 play Hockey and Basketball. 5 play Cricket and Basket Ball. 4 play Hockey and Cricket. and 15 students do not play any of these games. Using this data. answer the questions

Question 54

The number of students who play Hockey. Basketball and Cricket is.

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Question 55

The number of students who play Cricket and Hockey but not Basketball is

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The letters A, B, C, ....., Z of the English Alphabet are numbered 1, 2 ......... 26 respectively. A Code is designed by the following rule:

Rule: The i th the letter is coded as the jth letter where $$j \equiv 3i + 2 (mod 26)$$. The reverse process is followed for decoding.

Example: The $$9^{th}$$ letter I is coded as C because, 3 X 9 + 2 (mod 26) is 29 (mod 26) which is 3 and the letter C is numbered as 3. Based on this coding
procedure answer the questions

Question 56

The code for COMPUTER is?

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Question 57

What is the code for STATE?

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Question 58

Which word is coded as F U L L Y?

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Question 59

The number of letters of the alphabet that remain unchanged in this coding is

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Question 60

What is the code for M A N A G E R?

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