TS ICET 24th May 2019 Shift-1


In the following questions a question is followed by data in the form of two statements labeled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions. Using the data make an appropriate choice from (a) to (d) as per the following guidelines:

Question 1

For a > 1, b > 1, what is the LCM of a and b?
I. Product of a and b is 1763
II. a and b are coprimes

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Question 2

If a, b, c are positive integers, is their product abc even?
I. a + b + c is odd
II. a + c is odd

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Question 3

Is a > b?
I. $$x - 3$$ is a factor of $$x^3 - 27^a$$
II. $$x - 2$$ is a factor of $$x^4 - 16^b$$

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Question 4

Is the porallelogram ABCD a rectangle?
I. AC = BD
II. $$\angle A + \angle B = 180^\circ$$

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Question 5

What is the area of the circle?
I. The circle is inscribed in a square
II. The length of the side of the square is 8 cm

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Question 6

What is the three digit number P, where 100 < P < 210?
I. P gives remainder 9 when divided by 10
II. P is divisible by 11

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Question 7

What is the cost of one chair?
I. 1 Chair and 1 Table cost Rs. 12.000
II. The cost of Table is twice the cost of the Chair

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Question 8

What is selling price of each article?
I. The trader made a profit of Rs. 100
II. Two successive discounts of 10% each were given

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Question 9

What are the two natural numbers a and b?
I. LCM of a and b = 240
II. HCF of a and b = 20

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Question 10

How many people in the city speak Hindi?
I. 10% of people in the city can speak two languages
II. 5% of people in the city who can speak two languages can speak Hindi

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