TS ICET 2018 Shift 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Anil, Sunil and Akhil are trading of same goods. Anil sells his goods 25% cheaper than Sunil and 25% costlier than Akhil. Then Akhil’s sells goods
cheaper than Sunil by percentage of

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Question 92

If the cost price of 11 mangoesis equal to the selling price of 9 mangoes then percentage of profit is

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Question 93

Mr. A has purchased a property and sold $$\frac{2}{3}$$ of the property with 10%profit. If the profit received through this sale is Rs. 60000. the cost price of the total property (in rupees) is

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Question 94

A. B entered into a business with a capital of Rs. 9 lakh. Rs. 12 lakh respectively. After 4 months C has joimed the business with a capital of Rs. 15 lakh then the share of ‘C’ in a profit of Rs. 6.975 lakh at the end of the year is

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Question 95

A, B and C entered into a business partnership. A got $$\frac{2}{5}$$ of the profit while B and C distributed the remaining profit equally. If C got Rs. 4000 less than A, their total profit was

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Question 96

Two taps A and B can independently fill a tank in 30 minutes and 45 minutes respectively and a pump C can empty full tank in 20 minutes. If all are opened for 10 minutes and the pump C is closed. then the time required to fill the tank (in minutes) is?

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Question 97

Two pipes A and canfill a tank in 24 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. Bothpipes are opened simultaneously but after 5 minutes A is turned off. After how much more time will the tank be filled?

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Question 98

A cyclist travelling at 30 kmphtakes 3 hrs more to cover distance between two cities A and B than another cyclist travelling at 40 kmph. Whatis the distance between A and B?

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Question 99

The distance between two cities is 30 km. If two persons A and B travel in the opposite directions starting fromthe two cities, they meet after 2 hours. If they start from the same city and travel in same direction they meet after 3 hours. If A is faster than B the speed of A is

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Question 100

Of the two workers A works twice as fast as B. If A and B work together they require 12 days to complete a piece of work. How many days are needed if A alone works to complete the same work.

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