TS ICET 2018 Shift 1


The question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the Statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 1

What is the cost of fencing a rectangular field?
I. The dimensions of the field are 100 m $$\times$$ 75 m.
II. The cost of fencing is Rs. 50 per meter.

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Question 2

What ts the height of the mountain?
I. Seen from a point A on level with the foot of the mountain the angle of the elevationofthe top is $$30^\circ$$.
II. The moutain is surrounded by a forest.

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Question 3

What is the cost of the table?
I. 2 tables and 3 chairs cost Rs. 5000
II. 3 tables and 2 chairs cost Rs. 6500

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Question 4

How many bricks are needed to construct a wall?
I. The dimensions of the wall are 30m $$\times$$ 2m $$\times$$ 0.5m.
II. The dimensionsof the brick are 30 cm $$\times$$ 10 cm $$\times$$ 5 cm.

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Question 5

What is the average wage of the worker in the factory?
I. The total monthly wage bill of the factory is Rs. 25 lakhs.
II. The monthly salary of the supervisor is Rs. 20000.

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Question 6

When the value of the two digit number pq is greater than 9, what is that number?
I. The sum of the digits p + q = 11.
II. The number is a multiple of 29.

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Question 7

What is the value of the odd integer p?
I. 28 < 7p < 49
II. 27 < 3p < 72

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Question 8

What is the sum of the terms in the arithmetic progression?
I. The first term of the progression is 5.
II. The number of terms in the progression is 50.

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Question 9

How many students in the class could not pass in Hindi and Telugu?
I. 12 passed in both Hindi and Telugu
II. The number of passes in Hindi exceed that in Telugu by 15.

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Question 10

Are two triangles $$\triangle ABC$$ and $$\triangle DEF$$ similar?
I. $$\angle A = \angle D, \angle B = \angle E$$
II. $$\angle A + \angle B + \angle C = \angle D + \angle E + \angle F = 180^\circ$$

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