TS ICET 2017


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

$$\frac{1}{\sqrt{12 - 2\sqrt{35}}} - \frac{1}{\sqrt{8 - 2\sqrt{15}}} - \frac{2}{\sqrt{10 + 2\sqrt{21}}} =$$

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Question 82

The greatest integer having five digits and is divisible by 137 is

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Question 83

The largest three digit number, which when divided by 3 and 8 leave remainders 1 and 3 respectively, is

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Question 84

Traffic lights at 3 junctions A, B and C change every 15, 25 and 30 seconds respectively. If all the lights change simultaneously at 10. a.m., when will they change together apain?”

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Question 85

The gcd of two numbers is 23 and their sum is 184, Then the two such numbers among the following are

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Question 86

In the decimal representation of $$\frac{3}{22}$$ the digit in the $$25^{th}$$ decimal place is

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Question 87

$$\left[1 - \left\{1 - \left(1 + \frac{3}{7}\right)^{-1}\right\}^{-1}\right]^{-1} =$$

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Question 88

If $$x = \sqrt{3 + \sqrt{3 + \sqrt{3 + .....}}}$$, then a true inequality among the following is

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Question 89

The cost price of an article is ₹ 800. Its marked price is ₹ 1,060. If the shopkeper suffers a loss of 12% on its sale, then the discount allowed on the article (approximately) is

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Question 90

The present population of a city is 9075 thousands. If the annual increase of population is 10%,then what was the population of the city (in thousands) 2 years ago ?

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