TS ICET 2017


Fill in the blanks with the appropriatephrase/yerb/preposition :

Question 181

Whom are you ------- for?

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Question 182

His body has ---------- there under suspicion.

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Question 183

After heavy rains in the catchment areas, a river might --------- several feet.

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Question 184

The vice chairman had to conduct the meeting as the chairman did not ----------

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Question 185

It's time you -------- to some work.

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Read the following passage and answer questions:

There was silence. The rush of water so constant that the sound receded into the deep recesses of the mind and so faded from the conscious. Birds chirped in different octaves. The rain came in a downpour addingto the music of nature. The orchestral composition was completed as the wind ruffled through trees.

What is remarkable in this sequence is that the sounds were not man-made. The comforting murmurs of nature lulled the mind into deep meditation, Then I opened my
eyes. The mountain of MachchuPichchu was behind me. Wyna Picchu wasto myside, andPuttucursi rightin frontshapedlikeMt. Kailash. Ofcourse there was no snow. A long. fold of mountain was like Ganesha’s trunk. The sacred river Urubamba sped along in its long journey — embracing the mountain at thefoot, following its contour, then on around Wyna Picchu, racingto join the Amazon river — tumbling down 8000 feet, saddling South America and then merging with the Atlantic Ocean on the East coast.

Cusco was theheart of the Inca empire. It retains its pristine charm inspite of a stream oftourists. The tiled roof tops, narrowstreets and little balconies dotting the buildings addto the charm. Westayed atthe Monesteria Hotel, which is an original old ‘Spanish Monastery. The feelingofbelonging to a bygone era continued evenas we left the hotel and stepped into the small square where colourfully dressed Inca woman awaited us with a child and a Ilama to be photographed.

Question 186

Which mountain specifically referred to by the author did not have snow ?

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Question 187

Which river is described as sacred in the passage?

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Question 188

Which four sounds constituted Nature’s orchestra according to the passage?

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Question 189

What does the expression, ‘it retainsits pristine charm’ mean ?

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Question 190

What does the expression. 'Birds chirped in different octave' mean?

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