TS ICET 2014


Choose the correct answer:

Question 171

A: “There, that's what you looked like when you were a month old.”
B: “How awful!”
In this conversation 'B’

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Question 172

A: “Could | borrow some money from you ?”
B: “What do you need it for?”
The conversation implies thar ‘B’

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Question 173

"It was a knockout. Umesh saw stars in his eyes."
The speaker implies that Umesh.

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Question 174

The active form of the sentence ‘e-mails have been written by her’ is

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Question 175

A: “I've got anew job™
B: “Great! that should open doors for you.”
‘B’ implies that

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Question 176

A: “There is a lot of disunity among the people.”
B: lagree. Unity is the crying need of the hour.”
‘B' implies that

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Question 177

A: “lL want to train myself'in yoga practices.”
B: “ll want to follow ssiuit.”
'B’ implies

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Fill in the blanks with the appropriateee phrase/verb/preposition :

Question 178

Manish had a poor salary but he didn't need much to --------

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Question 179

Anthony -------- his wife to tell her that he would reach home late.

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Question 180

He has to --------- with the eccentricity of his boss.

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