TS ICET 1st Oct 2020 Shift-1


In the following questions, a question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 1

Find the values of x and y.

(I) $$2x = 3y$$
(II) $$4x^{2} + 9y^{2} = 12 xy$$

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Question 2

Is the triangle ABC, an acute angled triangle?

(I) The sides of the triangle are in the ratio 4 : 5 : 7
(II) The Length of the longer side is 28 cm.

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Question 3

If a is an integer, 100 < a < 200. then what is the value of a?. then what is the value of a?

(I) a gives remainder 5 when divided by 10.
(II) a is divisible by 11 .

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Question 4

How many books were old this month in your shop?
(I) Last month ... 87 books were sold.
(II) The number of books sold this month was 2 times that of last month.

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Question 5

What is the height of the moutain .
(I) The angle of elevation of the top of the mountain is $$60^{\circ}$$.
(II) The top of the mountain is seen from a point which is on horizontal line with the base.

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Question 6

If a, b, c are in geometric progression, then a + b + c =
(I) a = 7.
(II) The third term of the progression is twice the first term.

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Question 7

What is the Mode of the frequency distribution?
(I) The arithmetic mean is 58.
(II) The total frequency is 100.

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Question 8

What is the percentage increase in profit of the company X in the year 2016 with respect to that in 2014?
(I) The profit of the company in 014 was Rs.1 lakh, which 10% more than that in 2015.
(II) Company's profit in 2016 was Rs.2 lakhs whkh was Rs.1 lakh more than that in 2014.

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Question 9

Let L be the set of straight lines in a plane. Is the relation S defined on L a reflexive relation?
(I) $$l_{1}, l_{2} ∈ L$$
(II) $$(l_{1}, l_{2}) ∈ S \leftrightarrow l_{1} \perp l_{2}$$

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Question 10

How many students are there in the school?
(I) Out of the total number of girl in the school, 25% belong to age group below 10 years and these are 150 in number.
(II) The ratio of girls to boys in the school is 5 : 7.

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